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Access To Quality Education With Tech Enabled Digital Learning

April 12, 2016

Can education of an English institutes and Nigerian institutes be same? Is it possible for citizens of both the country to receive the quality of education? The obvious and simple answer would be-NO. But what if the answer turns out to be- YES?

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Technology based learning has enabled students across the globe to receive same quality of education. Here every single individual receives same standard of education that million others are receiving.

But how is that possible? Suppose you take particular online MBA course, the learning module will remain same irrespective of where you live what is financial status, gender or age. So there is no boundary on learning- that is one remarkable attribute of tech based learning.

Power Of Education And Tech

The fourth Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) held at Dubai. It was organised by the Varkey Foundation supported by Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.


According to CNN GPS host and Washington Post columnist Fareed Zakaria, “Even nations that have access to cheap labour, which are increasingly resorting to automation to meet the high global standards of quality.” Fareed added “To address the challenges in the two-track world, there is only one powerful weapon - Education. It is important to recognise the importance of education in the broadest and deepest dimension".

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Addressing the forum founder of the Varkey Foundation Sunny Varkey said, “Even though it has been 15 years after the Millennium Development Goals were created, 58 million children around the world still do not attend primary schools while half a billion children are in failing schools. At current rates of progress, it will take until 2072 to end youth illiteracy. Several more generations will miss out on the chance of a decent life for themselves and their families".


Techs In Education

The addition of technology into education is calculated decision. The purpose behind the idea is to provide literacy to all. From the GESF conference, we understand the world has already geared up to ensure Gen Y including the adult learners has access to quality education.

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The leaders and policy makers have realised the to make this happen technology has important role. This fact is also understood by the schools and higher learning institutes and that's why they have incorporated ed-techs into their pedagogy.

There are online learning courses, blended learning and flipped learning which have been adopted by educational institutions. All these are technology supported learning system, which are designed with the concept to make learning method standard and simple.

Cloud hosted learning , apps based learning and virtual classrooms are backed by technology which are in the trend at present. This has helped institutes to deliver quality education to thousands of learners. Besides, it has lowered the additional cost for the learning facilitators.


Tech Based Learning Is Future

It seems tech-enabled learning system is going to be the future of education. Though, more techs are expected to come to the forefront in future, which for sure will make education more simple to access. I hope techs is devised to provide education to those who are living in poverty. And also, should be installed in the counties where there is less or no sufficient infrastructure for school and higher learning.

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