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Nigerian Learners' Fundamental Right Is Inclusive Education

September 30, 2015

Education is for all and not for anyone specific. It is universal in nature and everyone's right. Each and every person is judged and treated in the same manner through the impartial judgement of education and Nigeria should not be left outside it.

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What Is Inclusive Education?

Inclusive education is 'Education for all. It is a system which targets to all of the kinds of students to reach efficient education. It is impartial in nature and it introduces a variety of tools for the betterment of children's education. It is a splendid form of education by which the students with disabilities are given a lot more importance. They are also allowed to learn with the normal children. So, inclusive education is another example of educational non-discrimination. The disabled children learn through communicational skills and other interesting learning methods. The normal children are educated through the diversity of features; talents and temperaments. It is targeted to benefit the disabled children.


Why Does Nigeria Need Inclusive Education?

Inclusive EducationA roundtable conference entitled “Inclu­sive Education – No Special Child Left Behind” was organised by the Autism Care and Support Initiative or the ACSI. It is an organisation that solves the issues regarding inclusive education's non-availability; intervention and many other things. The organisation is recently conducting workshop by the US embassy to train teachers and educators on inclusive education and its advancement.

It was found that there is a significant want of inclusive education exists in the country. The ACSI is aiming to attract the attention of the advocacies in order to apply inclusive education and it can be done with the help of political will; legislation and judicial enforcement as the advocacy has been restricted to bring inclusive education by the body of rights.

Domestic laws have not been identified which inaugurates the specific responsibilities; definite sanctions and rights for the educators; the students; the education professionals and the service providers. So, a legal step is formerly anticipated.

Nigeria Needs Inclusive Education

Educational RightEducation, if made inclusive, reaches out to everybody. Such notion was voiced by the declaration of the UN in 1948 on the human rights that aim at making education a fundamental right.

The UNESCO convention in 1960 declared that education should not be a subject to discrimination.The UNESCO salamanca statement was the first one to directly represent the issue of inclusive education.

The constitution of Nigeria in the year 1999, however, did not contain any prominent preference for inclusive education. It only makes a fact mandatory to the government that the government has to “direct its policy towards ensuring that there are equal and adequate educational opportunities at all levels” (chapter ii, section 18.(1)).

But the national policy of the country had an inclination towards inclusive education in 1977.

What The Country Should Do?

The country should take some steps to inaugurate inclusive education. Let's have a look at those:

  • Inclusive education should be recognised as a fundamental right to education.
  • Domestic laws should be incorporated which highlights educational system; practice and culture.
  • The right holders should be educated on the judicial solutions which are available by the advocacy groups and the human rights through policy.
  • The legislation should make the active participation of the community; the students; family and society in inclusive education compulsory.
  • In order to make the rights active, the treaties and conventions are to be made domesticated.


Join Hands To Make It Possible

Everybody has to work together to bring inclusive education in the country. The professional organisations; traditional rulers have to work together to advance the awareness of people regarding the human rights. They have to incorporate effective legislation judicial enforcement and policies also in order to achieve it. The hands are needed to be united otherwise the students cannot.

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