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E-learning, the Cheaper and Smarter way of Learning

April 1, 2016

The popularity of self learning and distance education is increasing with every passing day. No wonder that online education can be proved to be beneficial for the students. Take a look of the article to know more.

The obsession of Americans about learning and self progress is well known. They prefer to learn even after finishing the education in traditional school. When there are large number of students who want to learn further and all by themselves, online learning can provide them with the cheapest and best chance of education.

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The recent Pew Research Centre Report that is released on 22nd March is the proof that supports the above mentioned truth. They have surveyed over 3000 US adults over 12 months. They came to the conclusion that,

  • 74% Americans call themselves personal learners
  • 36% call themselves professional learners. 

The study also shows that nearly 58% of personal learners with college degree are turning towards online education.

It is true that the traditional classroom learning has various things to offer to a conventional learner. However, it is important to note that the renowned colleges and universities are also turning towards the broadening of their distance education part. As per Bobson research group annual update report the growth of general enrolment in the USA is higher than the rate of general dropping. According to the report that has been co produced with educational institutes like Pearson and the Online Learning Consortium has found that in 2015, the number of university students are taking one distance learning course is 3.9% higher than that of 2014. They feel that it is the result of the growth in the field since 13 years.

According to Jeff Seaman, co-director of the research group, the reason of this increasing popularity is the huge accessibility. Online courses are introducing a huge chance of accessing a huge chunk of resources that is otherwise impossible for traditional learners.

It is true that online education is now becoming hugely popular but it is also true that the faculties at various universities are not really keen to support it when it comes to online learning. That is why their influence is still there that is preventing students from pursuing online courses.

However, when the students in a country like the USA are obsessed about online learning it is natural to ask what is the reason behind such popularity. Why students from all zip codes are coming out from the closet to complete their higher studies and continue with their higher self learning process with online learning?

Lets take a look of the prevalent reasons that various researches have shown repeatedly.

There are a few practical reasons behind the ever increasing demand of online learning. They are contributing to the growth of the increasing demand. No matter how many academicians are dismissing the idea of e-learning, students are finding it quite lucrative.


The Most Practical and Economic way of Learning

Online learning is the most practical and economic way of learning. The institutes that provide online courses do not have to build some infrastructure. That is why their cost is much lesser than that of the traditional institutes. That is the reason why they can afford to provide the courses in much less course fees. It is the pocket friendly nature of online courses that is attracting more and more students towards it.

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It is also the most practical way of learning because there is no need of transportation to reach to attend some classes or lectures. Moreover, it is flexible. The students who have limited resources, online learning is opening an all new avenue to them.

For the learners in the USA, who believe in self learning, this is the main reason of such attraction towards online learning. When online learning is providing them the chances of learning in cheaper rate surely they are finding it enticing.



Flexibility is another reason behind such attraction of online course. It is always a lucrative chance for any learner to study according to their convenient time. In the case of adult learners it is the flexible type of learning that suits their needs best. Mostly the adult learners and working professionals are more inclined towards the online education. After a day at work it gives you the chance of learning from home. The image of someone pajama clad studying at home is not really wrong when it comes to online learning.


Access to Vast Resource

E-learning provides the students with access of vast resources. In the case of traditional learning there is always the limitation of resources that students face often. Moreover, as traditional learning is mostly based on text books it becomes difficult for students to learn more.

As students from the USA are more inclined towards private learning they look for vast resources. Online education is providing them exactly with that chances. If one has a working internet connection and access to a good computer he/she can learn as much as they want. Moreover, in various institutes, authorities are tying up with the cloud based technology providers that is ensuring that the resources students are accessing are genuine and secure.

There is only one issue that is coming out from the report of Pew Research Centre. Online education is becoming only limited within the circle of higher educated people with higher income. It is the students from colleges and universities who are opting for distance or online education. On the other hand, students are just leaving behind the schools are not really keen towards online learning.

However, we believe that it is just the beginning. Online education and e-learning still has a long way to go. With the advancement of technology the learning is taking a different and more enticing form. We would not be surprised if within next two years this takes a drastic turn and online learning becomes the most frequented way towards success. More technological advancement will ensure cheaper and more accessible chance of learning. No wonder, we are progressing towards a brighter future.

Do you think students in America are becoming as much obsessed with online learning as they are with self learning? Share your thoughts in your comments.


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