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Education Can Contribute For Social And Economic Development

January 16, 2016

Education in the modern world is the most powerful tool. Knowledge over the centuries has helped mankind to discover how to make the world a better place to survive. In the contemporary time, education is considered key to secure life. Everyone seems to be running after the learning to secure their place in the society. Today, education help us to take vocation or business which effects the economy. The state administrators across the world have realised the importance knowledge. Hence, countries across the globe devote more effort proposing better policies for the development of education. It's because they have understood that education has the substantial role in the national economy.

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Moving on from the government policies, we often across that there is skill gap and lack of trained workforce for different industries. This could lead to the slowdown of the economy as organisations may not achieve what it set to. Likewise, unemployment may create unrest in the societies. This would have the adverse effect on the economy of a country. And as we have seen in the past, economic slowdown of one nation hits other nations as well. The fate of Nigerian people and next generation depends on the policies of the state leader. Hence, there has to be a collective effort to create the favourable environment to for education. Because, knowledge would empower the youth of Nigeria to improve the national economy, politics and society. Read on.


The Question of Uplifting Primary Education

Education in NigeriaThe issue related to the Nigerian primary education still raises questions. There are certain problems that should be dealt with the purpose to solve it. Besides the measure should also incorporate to provide resolution to any issues with regard to the untimely problems of primary schools. The problems faced by the primary schools of Nigeria are:


Lack Of Infrastructure

Nigerian primary school across the states have the lack of proper infrastructure. The school buildings are not sufficient. It lacks libraries. Moreover, very few rather almost no schools have digital learning technology installed in the classroom. Besides, there are very few schools with separate toilets for male and female students.


Insufficient Curriculum

If you'll check the curriculum of the primary education of Nigeria you may not find what it as the most advance. In many countries despite several issues the curriculum of the primary education is designed at par with any of the developed countries. The reason is simple; similar countries want their next gen to receive the best education to secure their lives competing at the global level.


Dearth Of Funding

Many would agree that there is a very little initiative to fund the primary education. Government and private fund have not poured into the volume it was required to.


Poor School Management

To run the primary school effectively and stop students from disengaging schools need administrators with the ability to manage the operations in the correct manner. Take note of the every aspect from teaching to students performance and from school infrastructure to engage parents as well.


Shortage Of Teachers

One major problem with the primary schools is the lack of teachers. Especially, scarcity of trained and qualified teachers.


Problems With Secondary Schools

Likewise, the primary schools, the secondary schools of Nigeria have also same issues. However, the bigger problem is less number of secondary schools compared to the growing census of the students. Abreast, the secondary schools lack the programme to re-engage students who drop out after the primary education. Apart from this in the case of secondary schools too, the quality and skill of teachers educating students remain persistent.


Improving The Scenario

To improve the existing scenario of primary and secondary school, the government of Nigeria have to step in. The state leader needs to focus on enhancing the primary and secondary education. Government and local school administrators have to take note of every minute aspect of secondary and primary schools. Apart from dealing with the schools, education officials should interact with the students and parents as well.

In the second place, there should be a compact design to engage the student to avoid the students disengagement. School drop out remains big wary, hence, there has been a concrete framework to stop it. Moreover, all the above-mentioned points should be addressed with the purpose to equip youths with the knowledge to survive and play constructive role building the national economy and social and political development of the country .


Taking Measure

Take reference of history and you'll find that education has played the key role in shaping the political, social and economic development of a nation. Our policy makers have to understand the aftermath if the real issues are ignored. Nigeria cannot risk to avoid the cementing the core problems it's education system from primary, secondary, college and higher studies. Since primary and secondary education is the built the foundation of knowledge, Nigeria has to act without further delay.

Do you agree that Education: as a great instrument for social, political and economic development of a nation? Comment below.


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