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Entrepreneurs To Initiate Online Learning Platform.

August 4, 2016

Online learning is the answer to all the student's requirements regarding education and its availability. Believe it or not this mode of learning is making the wave in the entire educational framework. And the rise-graph is soaring high like never before.

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As technology continues to suffuse with our life, work and entertainment education are also getting its intuitive touch of advanced technology and becoming more and more available to the learners who are need of active learning or knowledge that is needed hands-on experience. And this need of quality education is encouraging the bigwigs to invest on launching advanced educational institutes.

Telecom giants like Etisalat Nigeria are backing up online learning by initiating interactive learning hub – Cliqlite Portal – to boost effective education. And surprisingly enough, many of the entrepreneurs in his entire career history have participated in at least one online learning course to upgrade themselves.

The involvement of entrepreneurs in the field of eLearning market is a significant step. This clearly indicates that the importance of online learning is growing at an indomitable pace.

Learning online is easy. That being said 'easy' denotes the accessibility and availability of learning among the students.

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eLearning is becoming more and more popular among the inspired learners because of its power to provide flexibility. Online learning provides a personalised learning opportunity. And as the medium of learning is the internet – study content is delivered instantly. Education is becoming available to the learners who are deprived of proper study content due to the constraint of rich resources and experienced experts. So the hard fact is traditional learning is failing to fulfil the purpose of passing on the knowledge that is required to get a suitable job title for the learners.

And eLearning is making all the effort to fulfil this gap between 'knowledge' that is needed and learning that is delivered by the traditional learning system. Research says that employers of these days all around the world are seeking skilled people not only educated individuals. And to upgrade skills online learning is the best place because the courses and modules are designed in a way from which learners will be armed with hands-on experience.

Flexibility, cost-effectiveness and better deliverability are the compendia of the learner's creed. Traditional learning is teacher oriented, where educators are considered as the core of the classroom. And the only activity of a student is listening to lectures and taking notes over and over again. The cost of traditional learning is increasing drastically which is, actually, restraining students to opt for higher studies. And then there are working students who are bounded by social and family responsibilities and forced to end their studies. Online learning provides everything that a traditional institute can't.

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