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How Online Learning Is Contributing In Education And Employment?

May 30, 2016


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If you ever manage to get a hold on a student data analytics of any online learning institutes showing the average age of people participating in online learning, a thought-provoking statistic will come up. Interestingly enough, online learning, once thought to be popular only among younger people, has become a real deal for the adult people. “

Learning is not just an activity for the young anymore,” confirms Rick Levin, former President of Yale University. She further added that over 80% of the learners who are engaged in online learning are over the age of 22.

Let's explore the reasons behind the popularity of online learning among the adult students.

The amalgamation of technology with various industries and businesses has resulted in jobs that require highly skilled individuals, rather than highly qualified students. For instance,

  • A professional individual, working in an IT sector as a web designer, suddenly felt the need of learning web coding, because he thinks that knowing how to create a website along with designing ability will make his ground stronger than ever.
  • A near retirement father, once known for his still life painting skills, want to transform his passion into his business career by joining online learning for Metal & Jewellery Designing course.
  • A single mother, trying hard to balance her work and family responsibilities, is thinking of involving in online small business training classes which will eventually help in securing her kid's future.

Time To Upgrade And Upskill.

Courses done and skilled acquired apart from an educational academy are treated as 'arrows in the quiver'. Advanced learners and working professionals are relying on online learning all the more because this new mode of education is filling the deficiency of knowledge acquired from traditional institutions and skills that are required to stay in the race. And, this is worth mentioning that all the degrees and skills obtained from online learning institutions are well accepted by the employers from every employment sectors all over the world. This is the reason today more and more people are registering to online learning institutes. On this account, Rick, continues,

“The increase in UK registrations over the past year alone illustrates the transformation taking place across the UK education sector and workplace. Online courses are rapidly growing in reputation, and are being acknowledged as important and legitimate qualifications to help boost career progression. They provide accessible education across geographic boundaries and time zones, without compromising on teaching quality and credential recognition.”

Online Learning To Increase Student's Engagement

The format of the online course modules are flexible, which can be moulded in every way to fit the learners need. They can start reading their subjects in their free time as long as internet connection is available. Another interesting approach to online learning is, unlike traditional learning, this form of education believes in a self-directing method. Which implies that students have the power to choose what to study and how to complete this study. Instructors are not going to push around to control their thoughts. According to some scholars, this, apparently new way of learning is increasing student's involvement in study.

Students are enrolling in online education to get a desirable job, professionals, on the other hand, with work experiences upgrading their skills to make a significant change in their career. Online learning, truly, acts as a stimulant affecting on the study and workforce.

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