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How Online Videos Are Improving The Learning Experience

July 20, 2015

Jaxson Goeckeritz wanted to become a computer programmer since he was 10 years old. When his parents got him admitted to a computer programming class at a local university, Jaxson realised that had already gained the knowledge by watching videos on YouTube. His parents allowed him to watch academic videos from The New Boston as well, which allowed him to understand various techniques and aspects of computer programming. His mother Kim Goeckeritz said “He has loved computers ever since he was a toddler. (The videos) really helped him. I have absolutely no interest or expertise or anything in that, and my husband doesn't really either. We needed something to help him with that.”

Learning via online videos            



Jaxson is only one among millions of aspiring learners worldwide who use the internet to gain knowledge on topics they are interested in and get answers to their questions. With the advent of online education, video streaming has become a prominent source of knowledge which enables learners to watch and learn from demonstrations instead of simply sitting through boring lectures. High school teacher Kevin Sharp, who utilises videos from YouTube in class, believes videos are an integral part of “21st century learning.” He said “I have found, personally, that students respond with much more interest and engagement if you can supplement, like in traditional book learning, with some other form of media.”

However, he thinks its better to start by introducing multimedia experiences in the classroom, instead of directly starting with videos as this will improve students' desire for learning and engagement inside the classroom. Sharp added “If the book we read is the Christmas tree, then YouTube videos would be the ornaments that I'm hanging; they're not the central display. My philosophy is that it works best as a supplement to something else, instead of just the full learning experience.”

Leaning with videos in home

YouTube consists of numerous education channels that have innumerable subscribers. The content on these channels help millions of children in learning about science, history, math and other subjects on a daily basis. Now kids can access visual learning sources any time they want directly from their homes, thanks to online educational videos. Kim Goeckeritz “In our experience, (the videos) really helped Jaxson to feel confident and expand his love that he already had for computers and computer programming. He just had a really great experience with it.”

Leaning with videos in classroom

The use of interactive media in the classroom is become widespread in most classroom as it enhancing both learning and teaching. Teachers are now opting for the usage of available technological resources and to improve the learning experience for students with help from online streaming.

Kevin Sharp believes that mixing traditional learning and online education by using both books and videos is perhaps the best way to teach our kids. This is why he regularly uses online videos with text books in his English and film composition courses at Palo Alto High School in California. He said “I kind of run a multimedia classroom, in a way, as I try to bring in as many different types of media material as I can realistically do in a classroom setting. So you can see these things brought out 'live,' instead of just reading about them.”

He added “With YouTube, what I've found is that, you can see the kids physically perk up cause we're going from text on a page to here is the thing, or some aspect of the thing, actually in front of you.”

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