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How The Online Learning Methodology Help Students?

September 29, 2015

Knewton has taken the initial step and began the journey of the modern way of education. It has launched a new program through the online medium and the students; the educators; the education professionals are all going to benefitted as they will get the access to this vast platform of education.

The step taken by them will initiate the driving force of the algorithm based learning in the personalised way. It will become popular to both of the publishers and the assessment makers. it will enter the world of the Open Educational Resources or OER.

Online Learning



The CEO of the foundation, Jose Ferreira, has said “Knewton plucks the perfect bits of content for you from the cloud and assembles them according to the ideal learning strategy for you, as determined by the combined data power of millions of other students," he said. "Think of it as a friendly robot tutor in the sky."


The OER community has encouraged such steps taken by the ed-tech company. According to them, the general possibility of making the free content licensed to access it by the students; teachers and the other educational professionals. They think that this step of Knewton will improve the standard of the personalised learning that they are promoting.

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The question however arises if the students; educators and the professionals use it.

Cable T. Green, the director of global learning for Creative Commons, a non-profit organisatioon that encourages the utilisation and sharing of open tools and information, sceptically says Educators may also be sceptical of Knewton's apparent "presumption that content alone can help students master skills and concepts. There's a red flag raised by any company making claims about the value or effectiveness of learning resources without allowing the public to see what those claims are based on."

The Knewton Way Of Education

Online EducationIn 2008, Ferraria, former executive at test-prep giant Kaplan, derivatives trader at Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs, and strategist for John Kerry's unsuccessful 2004 presidential campaign, founded the institution.Then it revolutionarily delivered educational content to 10 million students of 20 countries. The contents were supplied for both higher education and K-12 education.Though, it powered up the proprietary content of educational publishing giants like Houghton

Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson. The technology works to improve the personal skills of the students. It enables them to access the personalised education. The learners click on the ‘start learning’ and the technology starts to algorithmically sort the educational content. The algorithm then determines which content is better for the learner.

The Knewton officials say that the technology is far better than humans.The personalised way of education has not only paved the way for the educational foundation of the learners, it also approves the quality of the learners to be impactful and effective.

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