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How To Help Foster Children By Delivering Effective Education?

January 5, 2016

The prosperity of our society greatly depends on the youths. Providing quality education to the children would help them to secure their life. As the world is working towards educating children from a different background, still few things need attention. The question of education for foster children is critical than ever. There is study which shows that adults with foster life background struggle to survive. They are, either indulge to outlaw activities or remain at the mercy of the state. Besides, due to lack of education they are deprived of jobs. And in general, they don't possess property or bank balance. Abreast, foster children come across many problems during the childhood. Hence, the state and policy makers have to formulate a knowledge process that will help similar children to grow in accordance with the normal way of life. 

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Slow Pace Of Learning

Foster children suffer from issues related to the constant change of home. Moreover, it's also been observed that there are disassociation and lack of communication between the agencies and knowledge. Because of these two problems, it's presumed that a foster child will graduates at the age of 18. This would also result in slow learning of the foster child from their classmates.

What Can Be Done?

Nigeria educationWhile we continue to think what can be done to address the real issues with the foster children few measures can be taken. First and foremost, we have to ensure the educational support for this children. Education administrators have to make sure that foster children remain in the education process without any gap. To safeguard the interest of the children it has to ensure that they study in the same institution even though there home changes from time to time. Other things that could be followed are:

  • People with sole purpose of delivering educational uplifting of the foster children
  • Prompt admission
  • Transfer of record
  • Transport facility for the foster children


Role Of Child Welfare Agencies

The child welfare agencies have a vital role to play alongside the state. The agencies know much about foster child background and their current life status. Foster children who struggle to achieve academic success should be handled with more care and attention. Moreover, the agencies and the state have to work together to track the educational record of the foster child. The tab on the development of the child will help the agencies to respond to the need i.e academic and other knowledge activities of the child.

Ensuring Success Of Foster Children

Finding new and effective measures to encourage the foster children to attain academic success is imperative. Providing meaningful tuition could offer great learning support to the children with foster care. Besides, offering scholarships will stimulate children. Moreover, children should be given more option in selecting the school of their choice. Apart from this measures, state, child welfare agencies and the school have to work together to ensure that foster child participate in all the educational activities. The collective effort would surely ensure to reduce the dropout rate and improve the rate of engagement to education.

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