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Improving The Future Prospect Of Nigeria With Enhanced Quality Of Education

March 9, 2016

Forget about undergraduate diploma or degree even the education system at school level in Nigeria need to transform. A nation cannot risk further to compromise with the quality of education. Because in different parts of the world education system is designed to provide the edge to its citizens to remain competitive at the global level. In past few years, some Nigerian entrepreneurs have made the great contribution to the economy of the country stress upon enhancing the standard of education. Nigeria for long had experimented with the education system which made things chaotic. But still much can be done with proper planning right implementation. Ignoring which might make things difficult for the growth of national economic and development of the country.

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Brownsville College proprietress Mrs Alaba Kasumu one such entrepreneur who is passionate about the development and empowerment of the Nigerian youths. She had lived in abroad and other countries enhance the standard of the education. She has seen in many countries undergraduate online diploma courses have helped million. Which ultimately leads to motivating the Small Medium Entrepreneurs, industrialisation, developing the entrepreneurship abreast development of science and technology. Like several entrepreneurs, she too thinks that the Buhari administration needs to check the reality at the grassroots level. Young Nigerians, mostly, don't have the elementary education which is not good from the economic perspective of the of the country. Hence, for existing school students teachers and parents need to increase their endeavour primary schooling rights. The government should corroborate education empowerment is delivered to the average students. Besides, the administration could facilitate the centre for skill acquisition to boost self-reliance. However, this mechanism should work under strict watch. Learning courses like the undergraduate diploma, degree or certificate could be the similar learning programmes.

Future of Nigerian students Entrepreneurs are of the opinion that Nigerian education gives us leaders of future. These leaders will make their career in different career and profession. Hence, in order to ensure this, the quality of the education and training needs to be improved. Encouraging students to study science and help them in learning will help innovation in the field of science and technology. Teachers and parents have collaborate to ensure that child is participating in learning besides guiding them to learn.

Quality Science Lab

Schools and higher institutes should be equipped with standard science laboratories. This will help to students to learn sciences in hand experimentations required to gain practical knowledge. Nigeria is in the serious need of the development in the field if science and technology. If the platform is not provided to the young learners, for sure future of the country would remain dependent on science and technology import from other countries.

Empowering Women

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Empowerment of women is critical. Provided the opportunity Nigerian women have proved their worth. Therefore, there should be the better opportunity for the women. Actually, if we look around we would find that in Nigeria women work hard to feed their family. Education and skill development programmes should be implemented to empower women. Nigerian government could also involve NGOs and other agencies which will help them to conduct similar programmes in the rural area. Undergraduateonline diploma or similar course could be introduced in this respect.

Making of Future

The suggestions of the experts are should not be ignored. These valuable thoughts should actually be translated into reality for development and economic sustainability of Nigeria. We all hope that the policy makers really make additional efforts to make sure that the potential of the country is capitalised in a constructive manner.

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