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Schools Blamed For Not Following Official Admission Rule

October 17, 2015

Schools in Cities and towns of England are being accused of not giving place to the children. The worried parents of the school kids are getting anxious leading to the ascent in appeal against the school admission process.

Majorly, the issue is incidental to the admission in primary schools. Recent study shows that parents are more troubled about finding place for their children in primary level than secondary.

School Admission

Parents in galactic numbers are lodging complaints blaming schools that their children were denied place at selected schools. Previous year too, thousands of parents submitted their complain on the same issue.

The government reports also suggests that last year parents struggled to find place for their child in primary schools, compared to the secondary school. A section of the society opines that rise in birth rate in England is the inception for such crisis.


Parents 'Admission Appeal' Accelerating

The aggravated admission crisis in primary schools has led to the resentment of parents. Schools across the nation has tightened the admission process. This has made parents of schoolchild impatient.

Appeal against the school has rose to 8 percent in the year 2014-15 with total number of complaints received were 54,600.

32,160 complains were received against primary schools whereas for secondary schools the 22,440 parents have lodged their grievance.

There is a increase in the total number of cases perceived. In 2014-15 the number of appeals recorded were 40,014. The complains lodged in 2013-14 was 32,160.

According to the schools run by academics and local council there is a marginal growth in respect to the cases heard in favor of parents. The provided facts suggests that cases gone to the favor of parents in 2014-15 is 22.08 percent against the 22.07 percent of 2013-14.

According to the UK education department the system is working well. An Employee of the education department asserted that the proportion of request heard and upheld is steady in-spite of rising demand for finding place in school. The official said that parents have right to appeal in case of denial of admission of their child.


Schools Blamed For Bending Rule

Schools are blamed for bending official rules of admission. Parents uphold that schools sought and strained on excess reasons stating 'why their children deserve place in the school'.

Admission Rules

A report published earlier this year suggested that lesser number of youngsters got admitted to the school of their first choice in secondary schools. Report claimed that one in every six missed out to enroll themselves in the school of their first preferences.


Facts Given By The Report:

Among the 11 year age group got into their first preference. The report of the Department of Education reflected that 15 percent of youngsters missed out their top preference. However, last year 85.2 percent managed to get their school of first choice.

According to the report- in comparing to 87.7 percent of 2014, 87.8 percent of children were offered their first pick of primary school in 2015.

On the admission issue, Matt Richards, senior partner at, said, "Chances of success for those that prepare properly are also reasonable and an appeal is always well worth considering." I directly meant for schools who ignored children with potentiality and also advocated scope for appeal against school discretionary.

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