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Why Disabled Students Are Choosing Online Education ?

November 24, 2015

Online learning has revolutionised the education set-up, serving the learner. The digital technology in web education is ceaselessly shaping the learning system to keep pace with the relevant and meaningful knowledge. And as foreseen, online education, is growing. Learners across the countries and class are earning education via online.

Online education

Not to my surprise, e-learning is also playing key role, educating individuals with disability. But, why disabled person is engaging into online learning ? The modern education is designed to help them, even though the leniency towards e-learning in increasing among the disabled person. I thought, probably the advantages of online education being the prime factor. However, though, I was not utterly wrong- denunciation and criticism prompted them to go beyond campus learning. A study conducted by two researchers from universities showed that disabled students engaged in online learning or mixed education programmes logged in to avert the above scenario.

The Classroom Experience

online educationThe report unearthed on how these students felt during the classroom learning. Similar students, termed the classroom education as - “draining”, “awkward” or “self-conscious”. They told that classmates were “passive-aggressive” who held “false assumptions” or were “reluctant to understand.”

Dr. Susana Verdinelli, Faculty member, Walden University & Debbi Kutner, Instructor, University of Phoenix wrote in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education study unveiled “ableism assumptions” in the conventional education. The paper said, “Pursuing education online appeared to integrate a more positive sense of self, 'participants' spontaneous accounts of prejudice unmasked the reality that persons with disabilities experience marginalisation in education on a regular basis.


Managing Disability With Learning Online

Students with disabilities across the US education institutes said that online or digital learning has in-cogged their impairment and projected them as students with no physical limitations. Research conducted with the 35 disabled students refereed to manifold positives of e-learning, alongside managing the physical complexities.

The resilience rendered by the online education has made learning process simple and assessable to the students. Needless to say, the convenience of time and place proved boon. Moreover, e-learning assured the learning without extra arrangements. Students with disabilities engaged to learning with their requirements and choices. The digital study resources is renders immense help to disabled students.

Encountered Complications

Though, online learning is widely gaining the popularity, some disabled students pointed at flaws. These students raised the issue of seclusion and lack of one and one interaction with the instructor and the classmates. The concern of delayed feedback was also raised.

Designing Online Program For Disabled

The issue related to the feedback has been raised from time to time. Even the non-disabled students also want regular and timely feedback from the instructors. Educational institutes around the the globe is putting greater effort to culminate the feedback issue. Hence, for the disabled students the online course programs should carefully designed to satisfy the knowledge urge. The course should consist additional group activity to make online learning more engaging. The assignments should incorporate the small groups so that students and help and learn from each other.

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