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How Girls In Africa Can Pursue Business Studies To Become Future Entrepreneurs

December 19, 2014

African Women Entrepreneur

Are you planning to become a successful woman entrepreneur? However, this can be a challenge for African women as the business scenario is primarily male-dominated. I believe that we need to provide sufficient opportunities for our women to study business and pursue their dreams. Here you will fin…

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6 Excellent Ways To Make Student-Centred Learning In Your Classroom

December 17, 2014


 Student Centered Learning

Many education experts believe that student-centered learning is an effective and valuable strategy which can help various types of school populations and classrooms. Hence, we must ensure that it is executed successfully, without any strict dogma and with intelligence. But how? Let’s have a…

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Is Technology In The Classroom A Distraction For Your Students?

December 15, 2014

Digital Distraction


Today’s students are known by many names like online learners, digital natives and even the distracted generation. No matter what you call them, the main conflict about the existing education structure is regarding the growing use of technology in learning and in the classroom.

Some educato…

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